About Mark

I’m not going to go into all of the sordid details about my riding experience. So here are the Cliff Notes (If you don’t know what those are then you may be too young to understand.)

  • Years Riding 55+
  • Dirt, desert, motocross racing, road racing
  • Never good enough to be a trials rider
  • Closed course road race trainer
  • High sided at 140 MPH – helicopter ride to trauma center
  • Low sided too
  • Too many dirt crashes to count
  • 8 concussions- five from 2 wheelers, three from fighting. Most recent riding my Sur Ron
  • Still alive but can’t remember shit
With my Keigwins at the Track team. And when I had hair.
Pahrump NV. After my 140MPH high side my front rim which was magnesium disintegrated in turn 1. Didn’t know you have to x-ray magnesium after a crash. Did a visual inspection, no cracks. Expensive lesson learned.
Two laps after the Laguna turn 5 photo I low sided in turn three trying to keep up with an AMA rider. Lower photo in turn 2 at Thunderhill teaching students the line. They were on the infield of the turn. My sliders started a fire so my nick name became “Sparky.”

Have owned a Sur Ron Light Bee since 2018. Only stock items left are the frame, swing arm, motor, battery and brake calipers. Link to my Sur Ron website.

My Sur Ron named Jackson. After the late Jackson Edwards. He is the reason I bought a Sur Ron.

Owned a Cake Kalk& for 8 months. Glad it’s gone, had a battery issue Cake could not resolve which you can read about here. Link to my Cake website.

This is/was Sofia. Good riddance!

Written three articles about 2 wheel EVs for WebBikeWorld.

I like to eat candy and give posers shit.