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The Zero App

REALLY?! SOFTWARE?! FOR A MOTORCYCLE!!!?? Man times have changed. My dad and I porting our two strokes not with a Dremel which didn’t exist, but with a drill and grinding stone. Rejetting the Mikuni carburetors with physical brass jets.  Now to change the performance of my bike I just use ‘an app’ on my damn phone! Holy Sh!t man. I did have one hell of a time trying to figure out how to pair my Bluetooth to the bike. I figured out the best way for me to do so was to turn on the bike first and then launch the app. So here’s what I’ve learned so far…

I can find out general information about my bike.
I can see what’s going on with my battery.
I can update my firmware over the air (OTA) like a Tesla!

And when I updated my firmware the bike’s dash literally ‘spazzed out’ while the firmware was updating! I mean it flashed and strobed all of the LCD information. I was afraid I had bricked my new bike until it stopped. What was weird though is the app never indicated the FW update was ‘done or over.’ I never got a message that said something like “Firmware Update Complete” which to me is weird. But the dash stopped spazzing out so I just figured it was done…..

I can check Zero’s site to see if I have the most current Firmware

The message that accompanies this screen lets the user know that it could take up to 20 minutes to complete this report. But I’ve never seen something that goes over 100% so what gives?

And the summary report never appeared….

I’d like to see Zero offer an email or text alert letting owners know that a new firmware update is available for the bike. Right now unless I pair the app to the bike I won’t know if there is a new update. And I don’t always use the app with the bike when I ride. And here are screens I don’t understand….yet And I’d also love to have two Custom modes. When I hit the dirt I’d love to be able to switch to Custom Mode 2 where I’d have the bike set up for my dirt riding preferences. Things like disabling the ABS in addition to adjusting torque/speed values and regen.

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