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Tesla Tap

The ability to charge at Tesla Destination chargers expands on road charging choices.

I had written a post “My Real Life Charging Experiences” about using public EVSE stations locally as well as my short trip from my home in San Mateo down Highway 1 to Santa Cruz. A virtual friend of mine named Sam who runs the YouTube Channel NewZeroland read it and asked if I’d ever heard of a Tesla Tap. At first I thought he must be talking about a new beer named after the car. LOL But when he told me that a Tesla Tap can be used to charge non Tesla EVs at Tesla Destination Chargers I investigated them. It was at that point I discovered Tesla Tap’s website and their product the “Mini.” So after reading their description and searching for others who have used the taps online I decided to buy one.

The reason Sam suggested I take a look at the Tesla Tap (TT) was due to my experience encountering broken J1772 plugs, chargers or shared power chargers. It’s all explained in my aforementioned post. On the other hand Tesla chargers never deliver less kW than what my DSR Charge Tank can handle; 6.2kW. And Tesla Destination Chargers out of service or broken are very very rare. Plus by having the ability to charge at Destination stations would increase my options by a third. I was hoping to take short overnight trips with my DSR, but one of the negatives I contemplated was the inability to charge the bike overnight or where I would find lodging. I then read that Tesla installed Destination Chargers at upper scale hotels, restaurants or centers to help promote more EVs on trips. SCORE for me! My days of staying at shit motels are long over so nicer hotels are fine by me. You wanna stay at motels that rent rooms by the hour? Be my guest man! LOL

As a boy scout I always try to test something before I actually have a need to use an item. The TT was no exception. So I looked on my PlugShare app for non Super Charger Tesla stations and found one only one mile from my home. So off I went to try it out. The station was an EVGo charge station with six bays. I plugged in, NFC’d my credit card, waited 30 seconds as per TT’s instructions after plugging the Tesla charger into my TT before plugging the TT into my Charge Tank.

I got the message “Initiating” on the EVGo screen and then…nothing but this error message:

Disappointed and stubborn I KEPT trying using different protocols; waiting 1 minute before plugging the J plug into my bike. Having the key turned on the entire time. But still NOTHING. Dejected I rode home and wrote to the help desk at Tesla Tap. I received a response right away stating “You are trying to charge your bike from a DC charging station. That would be impossible. Look for Tesla Destination chargers….” Well I felt stupid because EVGo stations are DC to DC FAST Chargers not AC chargers like Tesla Destinations chargers. I just ASSUMED that since the EVGo was not a Tesla Super Charger it would work…ASS-U-ME.

So the next day I found a Tesla Destination Charger a few miles from my home. And guess what? It works perfectly by simply following the instructions that are actually printed on the TT Mini!!!!

  1. Look for the green light
  2. Plug the Tesla charger into the TT (fully seated which I didn’t do at the EVGo station until I noticed my bonehead mistake) and wait 30 seconds for the charger to recognize that you will be using a J plug
  3. Plug it into your EV


Green light was on the Tesla station
Waited 30 seconds after plugging the Tesla charger into the TT and then plugged the TT into my Charge Tank and turned on the key as normal for charging.
Once the Destination Charger starts sending juice to the EV the green light cycles from top to bottom.
And there you have it, all charged. And no cost either!
This Destination Charger station at the NIA Hotel does not require you to be a guest nor do they charge a fee.

I will simply say that I could not be more pleased to now own a TT! It opens up a whole new way for me to charge AND stay at hotels which offer Tesla Destination Chargers for guests. After covid is over I will be riding down to Monterey CA, stay at a hotel that offers Destination Charging and then continue down to Avila Beach. There are many off road trails I discover by simply riding down coast highway or through wooded areas. What a wonderful life this is thanks to those who develop products of real use for EVs!

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