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The Sounds of Silence

What Car Drivers Really Hear

Because I had not ridden on the street in over 20 years I got a tad nervous about my DSR being pretty much silent compared to cars and especially most motorcycles. Of course I’d always been familiar with the old adage “Loud pipes save lives.” Being accustomed to being on a racetrack void of any cars, people on cell phones or more, two ambulances are always on site, corner workers to ensure safety, run off areas with kitty litter it’s way different than on the street. Meaning way safer despite the speed at which we are traveling. Today I ran across an actual scientific test done in late 2020 testing what a driver can actually hear in real life inside a car. It surely makes me feel better knowing that most folks can’t hear shit when they are driving. So my silent bike is no more susceptible to distracted clueless cage drivers than other bikers. My old protocol, ride like people are trying to hit you is how I ride. Even in the sounds of silence.

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