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Tubers I Trust & valuable Zero communities - Updated June 14 2021
Tucker Neary Reviews the Zero DSR! – June 12 2021

OK so Tucker’s YouTube Channel Electric Cycle Rider is only one of two I link to on my site. He just did his first review of the Zero DSR. Keep in mind that Tucker does not normally ride bikes like the Zero, he more commonly reviews Sur Rons, KTM Emotorbikes, Altas, Drill Ones etc. So to hear his enthusiasm for the DSR was quite surprising. What is so cool is many of the things he identifies in his review are the very same pros/cons I feel about the bike. Maybe now he’ll listen to me! And for an off road country boy his body position on the tarmac is not bad! LOL Man his filming on that piece is high end. Maybe as a result of learning from the high end porn angles he watches these days! HAHAHAHAHA JK. But the camera work is a cut above.

Jay Leno sets new production car quarter mile time in the Tesla Plaid

Why a car on my site? First of all it’s my site so I can do whatever the fuck I want here. LOL What I found so interesting is when Jay talks about steam and electric motors. Fascinating.

YouTubers I Subscribe To

Like most I watch YouTube for information or instructions on how to make things. But I’m very picky about who I subscribe to. Here are two I trust not only because of their content, but because of their personalities. As a commercial photographer I’m really proud to have a ‘sixth sense’ about people since it’s part of my business to evoke truth during a session. And although I have not met these two folks I’ve privately conversed with them. If you’re expecting either of these channels to ONLY focus on Zero motorcycles or a DSR they do not.

I choose people based on information they offer, how they offer it and most importantly if I feel I can trust them. EV 2 wheelers are even more of an emerging technology than cars, so I try to soak up as much information as possible.

Sam has a wide array of experiences with many different 2 wheel EVs. I respect his view and his personality is great to boot!

Electric Cycle Rider
I met Tucker because of my Sur Ron. Did a pod cast with him too. An excellent rider with incredible fair perspective on all of the experience he has with EV 2 wheelers.


Welcome to the Unofficial Zero Manual!

Here is what I consider to be an unbelievable resource for us Zero owners. It may look like old microfiche and tough to navigate but man there’s TONS of information here.


Cool Things!

How people develop ideas is always so cool! So this section is where I will compile EV items I think are both innovative and interesting.

What I find most fascinating quote in this article: “Well, ultracapacitors might not store much energy by weight or volume – indeed, the 0.1-kWh ultracapacitor is about as big as the entire 9-kWh battery on the racer – but they can charge and discharge much faster than lithium batteries. Nawa claims that battery-powered EVs are limited in their regenerative braking capabilities by the speed at which their batteries can receive charge, and that its ultracaps can do the job so much better that you can get radical leaps in urban range, as well as bonus boost power, for less than what it’d cost you to upsize the battery.” 

Some of you may wonder why the hell I’d include a ‘suit’ interview with the Zero CEO and some Yahoo talking heads. Well I became much more sensitive to a company’s leadership after my bad experience with Cake out of Sweden. I discovered I made a mistake by choosing Cake as a company to purchase a motorcycle. Even though I felt the bike was well built and handled well, in the end they were not able to support my non charging battery that was clearly within warranty since the bike was only eight months old. So yes I’m much more cognizant of who stands behind a product and the infrastructure they have built with suppliers. When suppliers begin to withhold supplies it’s never a good sign. And not everything can be blamed on COVID19….

Zero SR/F 14.4 2020 Electric Motorcycle Test Ride – John Chivers

I so appreciate when an actual OWNER of a Zero bike reviews another Zero. In this case it’s his comparison of a 2020 SR/F to his own DSR. Even though he insists on riding on ‘the wrong side of the road’ and calling gas ‘petrol’ he brings up some points that only another owner can spot. Thanks for this review John and telling us the realities of why you opted not to buy the SR/F. My personal protocol  is to not finance ‘nice to have’ items, but instead to pay cash…unless of course it’s at zero interest no pun intended.

ClayMoto “Quiet Riot” development – the Zero FX Electric Flattracker

“Some insight into the development process used by Claymoto to make the Zero FX based flattracker “Quiet Riot”.From sketching, through clay modeling the design, scanning with the incredible value Peel 2 scanner from Peel 3D (DM me for a discount code), digital modeling in Alias Autostudio, prototyping in ABS, and then final carbon parts, build up and slide.For more information about Claymoto projects visit”

As a commercial photographer I not only admire the innovation and execution that went into his design, but the story telling of this piece. It’s not a GoPro moving cam job selfie, it tells a story without one word spoken. A story about the development cycle of his concept. I both admire and appreciate that as much as his innovation. Bravo.

Sur Ron Storm Bee

My friend Adam from Australia discusses the upcoming Storm Bee. And seriously a dirt bike WITH REVERSE!!!??? This bike has the potential to pick up where Alta left off. Fingers crossed!

Lightning on Discovery Channel – How They Do It Show

I find it not only incredible, but I’m also incredibly proud that so many of the cutting edge two wheel EVs are not only made in America, but within walking distance from my home! (Well Zero located in Scotts Valley would be an all day walk!) Lightning started in San Carlos and now resides in San Jose. Discovery Channel did a piece on the company that’s very interesting. Enjoy!


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